People have a love-hate relationship with technology. Personally, I LOVE it when it can help save lives.  Here's a great example.

I found a very Interesting article here at , especially if you are into cars -(specifically Hondas), and safety.  This is amazing.  It should be in all automobiles, as far as I'm concerned.  It's a camera that checks for blind spots. I'm sure you'd like to see this for yourself, rather than read about it, so here's a video clip.

It really is the first of it's kind.  I can only wish that they will release the patent to other car manufacturers and get this accessory in LOTS of cars, don't you?

I had the unique opportunity of test driving an Accord recently at Mohawk Honda on Route 50 in Glenmont.  Actually, it's really not so unique.  You can go down there and do the same.  Once you do, you may not be leaving it in your rear view mirror, if you know what I mean