Even though we haven’t had that much severely cold weather this past winter,it’s a sign that it’s almost time for the warm weather to stay with us for awhile. It’s the opening of the 60th year of the Hollywood Drive-In in Averill Park. In a story that I saw on YNN, they opened Friday night with something brand new. They are using a digital projection system. Digital is taking the place of the old film projectors. The Hollywood is the first drive-in in New York State to use the new technology. One of the last technology advances made to the drive-in theaters was eliminating the the old wired speakers that would hang inside your car’s window. They were replaced by using an F.M. transmitter to broadcast the audio of the movie into your radio.

The Hollywood Drive-In’s admission is $8.00 per adult. In addition to the digital change, they’re putting some new items and specials in the concession stand. I wonder if the new digital technology will produce a clearer picture? I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t. I wonder how the old intermission movies would look in a digital format?

I’m glad to see that there are still a few drive-ins around.If you’d like to take notes to use as future trivia information, the first movies shown in the digital format at the Hollywood Drive-In are ‘The Lorax’ and ‘The Hunger Games.’ What were some of your favorite movies that you saw at a drive-in theater?