This dilemma deals with a young person about to embark on their adult life. A high school senior wrote in that while all their friends are declaring what colleges they will be attending next year, and their probably majors, this listener has no clue about either. I don't know if the writer on the e mail was a he or a she but for the purposes of this blog I will use "he". He said that it wasn't a lack of drive or lack of intelligence that was the issue it was more that nothing seemed to interest him so much that he was certain this would be his career field.

I know your first thought is, well just do a liberal arts course study and decide later where you want to wind up. That makes sense of course but It seemed this young person was more concerned that he just had no idea yet, and wondered if this was unusual as most of his friends seemed to be so sure of their destiny. He said he was concerned that he would choose the wrong major or field to go into and regret it all his life. He wanted to know if our listeners knew early on what they wanted to do and if not, when?

This is where you the listener come in, we had lots of calls on the issue and I can only hope that the young man or woman's mind was eased a little by the input. I know, I for one was glad to see a young person show so much concern and forethought into their life. Let's listen to what the callers had to say and if you want to add anything to the conversation please fell free to "comment" below the blog. This one went a little longer than some so here it is for you in two parts. Enjoy.

And part 2: