The website SheKnows came out with a list of high school hookup rules you should still follow as a grown up.

Here are my fav ones...

1.  Making out.  We've all but forgotten about the beauty of a good make-out session.  Next time, I dare you to kiss . . . JUST kiss . . . for 20 minutes before thinking about taking things further.

2.  Avoiding serious conversations.  Sure, you need to have the occasional serious conversation.  But make a rule at least one night a week: no serious talk.  Keep things light and hopefully, it'll become something you look forward to doing together.

3.  Fooling around in cars.  When was the last time you did it in a car?  It's probably been too long.  Here's some inspiration-

4.  Group dates.  Fun!  Romantic dinner dates are great, but so are nights out with a bunch of your closest friends.

5. Pull An All-Nigher.  Go out, dance, laugh, drink, play, stay up really, really late, then eat at Denny's on your way home.  Sleep til noon. Act like you have no responsibilities, just for one night.

6.  Embracing the butterflies.  Remember that feeling!  Sometime after high school you probably became cynical towards the whole love thing.  But it's okay to feel giddy, let your guard down, and just be happy.  That's what it's all about.

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