Yes, I mean that literally. Isn't this great to come home to?

So I come home from a long day at the morning show, and this is what I see.


The kitchen faucet handle broke off. "No biggie", I hear you say. "Easy for YOU to say", I say!

I don't have the first clue, not even the slightest inkling of how solve this rather mundane household dilemma. Off to the yellow pages? Naah. Too old school. Google? Bing? Angie's List? I'll try them all and check out reviews for the best plumber. Calm down ,Dorrie. I'll get it done. That's about the ONLY way I'll get something like that done.

You know, I've always had people tell me my entire life how "talented" I am in the musical arena, and I do admit that I have been given a certain gift, of which I am eternally grateful.

But to have the "handy" gene is an equally amazing gift as well, and sometimes I wish there was a way to trade.

I'm so jealous of someone who can knock down a wall, slap a deck together, fix a ceiling leak, and yes - replace a sink faucet so we don't have to eat on paper plates and wash dishes in the bathroom AGAIN tonite!

So If you are a handyman ,woman or child - picture me bowing to you out of total respect chanting "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy"

(Now-is there a plumber in the house? -cuz there's none in mine!)