Unfortunately, you'll have to go to Ontario, Canada to visit it, but there's a nice mall there that gives men the required escape from annoying holiday shopping.  Sorry ladies, but it's in our genes for YOU to shop while we go hide somewhere.  Introducing the Men's Den!According to an article at cdn.turner.com, there's an area set aside in the Pickering Town Centre Mall in Ontario that is every guy's dream.  Video games, big screen TV, the whole 9 yards.

I hope they have their copyright and patent attorneys on hand, because I can see this idea being "borrowed" and used in every mall in the US, Canada- EVERYWHERE that there are lazy men! This could be a bigger chainstore opportunity than Mickey D's!   Hysterical!  Sexist, yes, but hysterical.  What do you ladies think about this?  What would the female equivalent be?  Would love to know your views!