Deputy Robert Danko says he is not a hero, but I say he is!

It usually is the mark of a true hero: someone who does not want the accolades, and says they were just doing their job when they do something heroic. But that can't stop me from saying someone is a hero!

According to WNYT, Deputy Danko helped talk a potential jumper off a Hudson River bridge in the early morning hours Wednesday. The WNYT story says other officers had been trying to talk the man off the edge of the bridge but were not having any luck. That is when Deputy Danko stepped in, slowly built trust with the man and talked him out of jumping.

This is not the first time he has helped in a situation like this. back in July Deputy Danko helped Whitehall Police talk a woman out of jumping into the Champlain Canal.

In my book, if you prevent someone from doing harm to themselves and keep them safe, you're a hero!

Here is the full story from WNYT: