Okay, here is the deal, when WGNA'S Secret Star Acoustic Jam was announced I went on line just like you did and bought some tickets to the show. I figured I would have some friends who would get around to mentioning that they would want to go and if I had any extras I'd give them away on the show. I didn't know before this morning's show was over if I would have an extra pair so I couldn't do this on air, so I thought, why not do something on line?

Now being that I bought these tickets myself I don't see why a little self promotion would be a bad thing. I was just looking at my Twitter account and thinking I could sure use some more followers so I am going to use that for this contest. You should also be following WGNA on Twitter as well.

If you have not followed me on Twitter yet all you have to do is follow me and send me a tweet telling me why you love listening to us in the morning. I will pick a random tweet and give that person 2 tickets for tonight's show. I will reply to the winner's tweet by  4 pm. Easy right?

Now if you aren't following me yet , I'll make it easy to find me just click this button and you are good to go.

Remember to mention why you love the show and maybe I can fix you up with  a pair of tickets to The WGNA Secret Star Acoustic Jam.

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