Have you ever been in the middle of your grooming/beauty routine and thought to yourself, "Why?!"  Well, check out these stats... there might be something you should give up on!

A new study asked people around the world to name the ideal beauty and grooming standards for men and women.  Here's what they found.

For Men:

  • 89% say the ideal man should have short hair
  • 86% say he should cut his nails
  • 82% say he should be clean-shaven
  • 67% think he shouldn't use skin cream
  • 55% say he shouldn't wear jewelry
  • 51% say he should wear cologne.

For women:

  • 84% say she should shave her legs
  • 70% say she should wear jewelry
  • 70% say she should wear perfume
  • 69% say she should have long hair
  • 55% say she should NOT wear makeup

So, when you're getting ready for work tomorrow morning, think about the 55% of the human population, and how they really don't need you to put on that mascara!  Don't do it!  Take a break from the makeup and enjoy your new freedom!