I took a little trip today to the little town of Northville, NY for the Readin', Writin' and Rhymin' Tour.  It's a nice little town near beautiful Lake Sacandaga.  And I met some REALLY nice little residents-first graders to be exact!


Ms. Edwards greeted me warmly, as did the kids when I arrived.  They were really curious to find out what huge thing I was lugging in.   Take a listen to their reaction!

These kids were not only cute, but astute!  They really tried to rhyme words, and picked up on what I was doing right away.  And these were first graders!  Never underestimate the power of children!  They told me all of the requests they've made to the bearded guy.  Here were some of the requests.  Pay special attention to what the last boy said!

Hysterical, huh?  Now here is the result, and I have to say to all the kids-it came out awesome, and you guys wrote the whole thing!!!

What do you think, folks?  American Idol material or what?   Many, many thanks to Mrs Edwards, her assistant for writing all of the lyrics on the board, and all of my new found friends!   I hope you get all the toys that you wished for in the song!    Come on, teachers, parents and relatives!   Tell these great singers how proud you are of them in the comment section all the way at the bottom of this post.

And if you would like to hear more of these songs from the past year, please go to my other blogs.                                                    More photos below:

RRR richie recording Northville Kids