Thousands of vacation days go unused in the United States every year.  I think it's so sad that we don't use them.  But, I get it.  It's sometimes more work to take time off then it is to just stay and keep truckin'!

But, I took this past Monday off because I could start to feel that I was getting a little burnt out, and you could be too!

If you haven't taken much time off this year, it might come back to bite you.

Here are six signs it's time to take a vacation -

1.  Every little problem feels like a huge issue.  Most people can handle the occasional curveball at work, but it gets harder if all you do is work.  Sometime you need perspective on what really matters in life.

2.  Your coworkers keep asking if you feel okay.  Or maybe they say you seem tired.  Sometimes other people tend to key in on how stressed out you are before you do.  Or, they're tired of you and your attitude and they need a vacation from you.

3.  You've been making more mistakes than usual.  When that happens, a lot of people try to compensate by working MORE.  But studies have shown you're more likely to make mistakes when you're overworked.

4.  You have more aches and pains than normal.  Being stressed at work makes your body release chemicals that cause inflammation, which make you more sensitive to pain.  Ahhh, yes, and stress can have other effects, too, like weight gain and stomach problems.

5.  You're having trouble sleeping.  A study in 2005 found people who work too much have a harder time unwinding before bed, and when you do dose off, the quality of your sleep is low.

6.  You're feeling overly cynical about your job.  If you suddenly hate your job, your company, and your coworkers, you might just be burnt out.  So, take some days off, and recharge!

photo by Richie Phillips