Every couple gets into an occasional argument, right?  Well, according to a new study by the University of California-Berkeley, the key to marital happiness is . . . how fast the WIFE stops being angry after arguments.  I guess the researchers found that it didn't matter how fast or slow the husband got over arguments . . . the wife's "forgive and forget" speed is really what determined the couple's future!

The study's researchers analyzed video of 80 couples and found a direct link between their happiness and how fast the woman got over being angry. I guess the man's speed in getting over arguments didn't really have an impact on the couple's happiness!

The conclusion suggests that if spouses, especially wives, can calm down quickly after things get heated, the marriage can thrive.

In my marriage, I'm usually the one who gets upset, so it makes sense for me to be the one to calm down the fastest! Also, my husband is so even-tempered it almost makes me crazy!  I've gotten upset with him for not getting upset before! Ugh!

What do you think about this research?  How does it relate to your relationship?

Photo: Brittany Shaw