Listen I'm no fool, I am fully aware that there are definitely advantages to being a man in this world. Sure, we can argue about which is the superior sex and I'm sure in the end it may indeed be the female of our species but if for no other reason this latest study may be the reason I prefer being a man.

According to a new study men can burn almost as many calories sitting on the couch as they do working out. Women, are not so lucky.

In the study, a man sitting on the couch for a few hours burned 640 calories and burned 834 working out for an hour. (I keep telling my wife sitting around is exhausting for me!)

Here is the bad news for women, while working out for an hour will burn 729 calories for her, the sitting around on the couch only burned 292. That is a huge difference!

Apparently it is due to the fact that men usually have larger bodies and more muscle mass so it literally takes more calories for men just to survive. I'll take it!

I'd love to talk more but I think I need to go get me a chocolate shake.