We know that there are some concerns about parking in downtown Albany for Countryfest 2012 near the Times Union Center. I will admit that parking in Downtown Albany can be a hassle, especially during the weekdays. But remember, I'm talking about a weekend. So I’m going to give you a few different places to help where to park your vehicle on Saturday, July 7. Kevin Richards did a blog post that included information about better handicapped accessibility including handicapped parking.

Something to keep in mind is that there are plenty of metered parking spaces on the streets. You won’t need to feed the meters. On weekends, there’s no charge to use the street parking. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll be able to find spaces to park on State Street, North Pearl Street and Broadway.

There are parking garages near the Times Union Center. Keep in mind that they will be charging to park there, and GNA and The Times Union Center doesn’t have control about how much they charge. Generally, it’s a reasonable rate. Load up the car with family and friends and split the parking costs.

5) The garage next to the T.U. Center on South Pearl and Beaver Streets

I have a feeling that might not be a good idea unless you arrive early.


4) Hudson Avenue And Green Street

This garage is only a block below the T.U. Center.


3) Crowne Plaza

Their parking garage maybe close to capacity because of hotel guests. The corner of State Street and Pine Street


2) Empire State Plaza Parking Garage - P3

This garage you can get to from I787. After you park, it will be just a short walk to Countryfest.


1) Maiden Lane at Water Street and Columbia Street

This garage is a block below Broadway near the Corning Preserve. This one will require a little bit of walking to all of the Countryfest activities.


One more suggestion is to find a place on upper Central Avenue, like Westgate or even farther up like Colonie Center, and catch a CDTA bus. This might not be a bad idea. It  costs less than four dollars to get a ride to and from Countryfest. Be sure to check out the  bus schedules and routes.

If you're worried about walking in downtown Albany, I wouldn’t worry too much. There’ll be plenty of people around just like you, who will be joining all of us at Countryfest and our block party.

We’re just trying to make things a little easier for everyone, and I hope this helps. You may want to keep these parking areas in mind for some country concerts that we have at the Times Union Center.

If you're planning on joining us for GNA's Countryfest 2012, can you tell us where there are any other  parking places in Albany that aren’t too far from The Times Union Center and South Pearl Street?