We always blush a little when some of the biggest research companies in country music come to us at WGNA to get input on what country listeners want. They know that you have some of the best ears in America and are truly loyal to country music and the station you listen to it on which for nearly 40 years is 1077 'GNA. Each Spring and Fall are the times of the year that country stations tune up their music selections of past and present and put a fresh coat of paint. The best part about that paint job, is that you our listeners at 'GNA have a lot to do with what stations are playing from coast to coast. Please take a few minutes of your precious time and take this country music survey. We know your time is valuable and wouldn't ask for it if it wasn't important. We thank you, and the country music industry thanks you too. Click this link to get started and enter our code for WGNA which is A96 so they know that you are you are one of our listeners.