Everyone need a friend from time to time, and I like to be there for someone who needs a shoulder as much as anyone. This isn't the situation in today's dilemma, what we are talking about here is that friend I think most of us have or have had in our lives. You adore them but sometimes you just cant deal with all the drama, and you more than 50% of the time let her go to voice mail.

Let's see what our listener wrote in: "I have a friend who I love, but every time I see her she unloads all her problems on me. No, "how are ya?" "how's YOUR family?" It's just a long list of laundry about herself. She is a huge downer and she brings my mood down. I feel like it's all about her. Do I cut her out because she never cares about what's going on in my life, whether it's good or bad? Am I wrong to feel like this?"

You know the listeners had fun with this one, if you missed it just click the play button here for your second chance. 

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