Let's help Turnpike Elementary School with their "Crazy Over Chromebook" campaign.

I think it's so important to help our local schools and provide our kids the tools they need for the best education possible.
We all know, teaching isn't easy and budgets get cut year after year.  Teachers are now taking it upon themselves to find a way to put new learning materials in their classrooms!  All they need is a little help!  You can help a teacher local or far away.  Whatever classroom project impacts you, you can donate to!

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I want to highlight a local project seeking donations. You can check it out and make a donation if you want to!

This week, I am highlighting a project out of Troy.  Ms. Pouchak is seeking two Chromebooks for her classroom.  Here is her story:

"My Project

My students will use the Chromebooks, alongside other technology, to enhance small group instruction. Students will rotate using this technology during centers in order to enhance their learning. The Chromebooks will be used to reinforce math skills and fluency. It will also be used during Writer's Workshop as an alternative to handwriting. Using Chromebooks in the classroom will help to engage all students in different ways.

I believe that by integrating Chromebooks into the classroom it will enhance my students' learning.

Technology is a valuable tool for teaching and learning. Technology is becoming a way of life and by using it properly in the classroom it can, and will, give students choices and opportunities to explore information. I am confident that the skills they achieve will prepare them for the future."


Spread the word and help if you can!