Today on the show local girl ChelsieAryn Miller came on the show to see if we could help her save her local drive in. Chelsie is a local girl who really does love the communities she grew up in and supports them even when her modeling/promotion work takes her away.

Honda is having a contest to help provide 5 different drive-ins around the country the $80,000 dollars worth of equipment that they will need to upgrade to a digital format. Those who can not afford to make that upgrade will soon find themselves out of business. the Greenville Drive in asked Chelsie to help get some votes using her 40,000 fans on Facebook and she asked me if we could help as well.

Here is Chelsie talking about it on today's show:

Chelsie in studio

Remember to vote all you have to do is text: vote5 to 444999 or Click on Honda's Project Drive In.