If you're a long-time fan of Country Music, there's no doubt that you remember the popular syndicated television show 'Hee Haw'. Starting in 1969, Roy Clark and Buck Owens brought the best of Country Music and sketch comedy from the Cornfield to living rooms all across America.

Now, Bally's Gaming turns Minnie Pearl and the gang into a way to win (and lose) money with the new Hee Haw Slot Machine. The machines recently found a home at Saratoga Casino and Raceaway, and seem to have a growing number of fans eager to spin the reels for some Country Cash!

Complete with Hee Haw theme music, the reel symbols for the Hee Haw slot machine are the TV characters Buck Owens, Roy Clark, and the Hee Haw Donkey, as well as chickens, a barn, and a bundle of ears of corn. If you hit the bonus, Minnie Pearl even pops up with your chance to win more green.

According to slotmachinesonline.com, Hee Haw slot machines are five reel slots with twenty paylines. You can bet as much as ten credits per payline, for a total max bet of 200 credits. The maximum possible jackpot is a massive 500,000 credits, and that jackpot is available with just one credit per twenty paylines. Since Hee Haw is a penny slot, you can bet anywhere from twenty cents to $20.

Have you played the Hee Haw slot machine? Leave your comments below- and good luck!