What can be worse than trying to explain to a child some of the heinous things happening in the news these days.  Here is a case in point.  Very disturbing to watch, in my view, but it's gotten nearly 2 million YouTube views, so in case you missed it

And I thought the roving piano player who played John Lennon's "Imagine" right there in the middle of a Paris square was moving.  In fact I blogged about that in case you missed it.

This video definitely trumped that one.  This is a father in Paris trying very hard to make sense of the senseless Paris tragedy to his very perceptive little son.   It's heartwrenching- that goes without saying,  But on another level it also reaffirms my belief that you really can't put anything over on a kid.  I'm not sure he was too accepting of the father's explanation in the beginning do you?  I don't want to editorialize here.  You watch and see if you agree…



Either way,  your heart has to go out to the father for trying so hard, and succeeding in  being just that -a fantastic, caring, father.  I wouldn't even know how to begin making sense of this.. Who would?