Things are definitely changing in media. People's tastes evolve. Audiences are getting younger. Things that once were hot now are not.  Is HBO in this category?  According to some sources, yes. According to, there has definitely been a shift in what's considered "cool" on TV.

HBO was once necessary if you wanted "any hope of being part of what is appallingly known as the conversation." But today quality television is everywhere, and we have innumerable ways to watch it. We form relationships with shows, not platforms; a pay channel feels like "an increasingly illogical premise." Now that's weird.  We watch HBO all the time.  Sure, there are choices all over the place, but that doesn't mean that we don't think HBO is cool anymore.

How about Boardwalk Empire?  Great show. Bill Maher, Deadwood,  Eastbound and Down, Curb Your Enthusiam. I think these shows are cool, but what do I know? So let's take a little poll.  A very simple one, shall we?