A Listener asked me to post this story about a missing horse. It seems that she has been missing since July 4th after a trail riding accident. Her owner Christie is OK but "Missy " the horse has yet to be found.

Missy the horse, facebook Photo

I myself have never owned a horse but I know a lot of horse owners and I can tell you the bond between the owner and the horse is amazing, and unshakable. So I clearly feel for this girl and I do hope her horse finds her way home soon.

Here is the information that was posted to my facebook page this morning:

"Missy is a horse who has been missing since July 4th. Her owner was trail-riding and came off. Last seen in Sprakers NY. Schoharie / Montgomery County area. If you can do a PSA on WGNA it will be really helpful! You can follow what has been happening to locate Missy since July 4th on Christie Sander's fb page. Phone # 518-705-7606.

"We are offering a reward to whomever finds Missy. The reward is $500. She is located in the State woods of Curry town. The surrounding roads are Log town, Currytown, Anderson and Route 162."

Thank you for your help!"

Like I said, I can't imagine what this woman is going through so if you are in that area, or think you may have seen Missy or even have any information about her where a bouts, please contact her owner as soon as you can.

I hope all turns out well and there is a happy ending to report soon!