This season I have been trying to check out "American Idol."  I was interested to see how the show would be without Paula Abdul and now, Simon Cowell.  On that topic, "Idol" is actually pretty funny.  Steven Tyler's facial expressions are classic and Jennifer Lopez is so sweet and cute.  I still could do without Randy, but oh well.

Ok, got that out of the way.  So last night, my boyfriend and I were watching the tail end of the "American Idol" and, like every tv network, when one show ends, a new show begins.  In this instance, "Bones" came on next.  I've seen many previews and commercials for "Bones," but never actually caught an episode.  Until last night, and all I can say is WOW!  Have you seen this show before?  Most importantly, did you catch last night's episode?!?!?  First of all, I'm a "Law & Order" junkie.  Mostly because it's the only thing on when I actually do sit down to watch something on television, but as for all the other law enforcement/ forensic shows, I don't typically catch them when they're on -- until now.

In the first scene of "Bones" last night, you see the transport of a female inmate from prison to a courthouse  so she could sit in on the appeal of her conviction.  The prisoner is known as "gravedigger" because she evidently, in previous episodes, killed many children by burying them alive.  Okay, got it -- no guresome visuals so far.  And if you've ever seen any documentaries on the JFK assassination, the scene set-up is quite similar to a presidential motorcade coming through a town.

As the police escorts try to lead her out of the armored police van, where numerous protesters are stationed, the prisoner's head is blown off!  And I use the term "blown off" because you actually see, on public television, this woman's head blown right off her body and splat into pieces onto the ground.  Yup, all right there -- saw it all.  I looked at my boyfriend and said, "did that just happen?"  He couldn't believe it either.  Not so much that she was killed by some shooter from afar, but because you saw the entire thing right on a television show that airs at 9pm.  It gets better.

So of course, now you've got my attention.  Not only was I interested to see how the show ends up, but kind of curious as to how the rest of the show is mapped out if that was the opening scene.  I could of course tell you about each scene individually, some more graphic than others, but I don't want to ruin the episode for you in case you DVRed it.

Courtesy of Kevin Winter, Getty Images.

I will tell you about one other scene where Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan (the two main characters) get inside a suspect's apartment because they pinpointed this person's apartment to be the place in which the shooter shot the prisoner/victim.  When they enter the apartment (with a warrant no doubt!) no one is home.  Booth starts figuring out if there is an actual clean, straight shot out of the apartment window to the steps of the courthouse and how the shooter/sniper was positioned.  Dr. Brennan proceeds to snoop around the apartment and discovers the bathtub, sealed with black plastic and duck tape.  Scared yet?  Brennan plays naive and asks Booth what he makes of the discovery and with no hesitation, Booth rips back the plastic to discover the tenant decomposing in some sort of cleaning solution.  Yummy! 

I'm not sure if I'll sit down to catch another episode of "Bones" again, on purpose.  I wasn't really too impressed with the acting on the show nor was I too impressed with the story line.  They seem to try and accomplish too much in one episode and therefore, the forensic details happen too fast and aren't realistic.  Also, if every show is as graphic and gruesome as the one last night, I'll definitely be avoiding the show next week.  I like to keep my Milano cookies and milk down after I eat them.