Are you dreaming of a White Christmas? The Bing Crosby song is timeless and also says a lot to so many people. When I was living in Phoenix, AZ and flew back to Albany for the Christmas holiday, all I wanted was a white Christmas. Regardless of if you live here or not,  many people want to have some snow on the ground. So - will we have a white Christmas in 2012? We've been doing some research and we think we are ready to make a guess!

Our first stop in looking around was to check out the National Weather Service site in Albany and read up on their extended forecast. The chance of having some 'above normal' snowfall amounts by December 25th is good. They can't really predict weather that far in advance, and you can joke that they can't predict two days in advance, but they are pretty good at figuring out our chances.


We really liked what AcccWeather had to say about our winter forecast - it looks like the chances of snow between Thanksgiving and Christmas is good. AccuWeather said:

Above-normal snowfall is predicted for the Northeast

We like that statement! They added:

A couple of larger storms could unleash the above-normal snowfall in the major cities, as the winter setup should allow big storms to form off the East Coast.

However a lot of our snow may come *later* in the season. We're going to ignore that part and keep our fingers crossed for that happening for Christmas.

eschipul, flickr

Our last stop for info was the Old Farmer's Almanac extended forecast for the Albany area. Now, some people swear by the almanac and others swear at it. There isn't a whole lot of information about their method and the fact that they have some character with a pseudonym that uses their 'secret method' makes it not seem very legitimate, but on the other hand they've been around for over a hundred years so they're doing something right.  They say that early December will see rain and snow with it being mostly rain the 2nd week of December. However it looks like the week before Christmas is snow and the week of is heavy snow. Let's hope they're right!

Keep your eye on our own weather page for updates throughout the season!

So do you think we'll have a white Christmas for this season?

A little Bing for inspiration :)