In honor of the hard working Administrative Professionals out there - or shall we say Secretaries?  Can I say that?  Warren Buffett calls his Administrative Professional a secretary, and she doesn't mind.  Is this insulting? I'm just wondering how you feel, and I'm going to now wonder in song form for you


Is the term secretary back in our vocabulary?  According to They say it might have to with the huge popularity of the show Mad Men, which is a throwback to the working world of the advertising business  in the 1960's.  Of course those were the days where secretarial sexual harassment was king, so you would think that there would be a huge backlash against it today to even remind women of such a time, but it seems to have had the opposite effect ,oddly enough.


Well, I wanted to do a little bitty ditty for you hard working folks, no matter what you call yourselves.  This is a parody of Alan Jackson's "Little Bitty", by the way.

This was performed live on today's show 

So I'll leave you with a question.  It's basically the question I had at the end of the song.  Are you upset being called "secretary?" Is it demeaning or are you OK with it.  Please leave your thoughts in the comment section, and I'll get our secretary..I mean administrative professional from the station to put them all together on one page.   (In other words, ME!)