Most of us learn proper grammar at a very young age.

A lot of times from the parents even before a child starts school. National Grammar Day is Sunday March 4. There’s even a website for it.

The English language can be the most fun to use, but it can also be the most difficult to learn. Speaking and writing good well is very important as you go through life. When you go to interview for a job, you might not get hired because you used poor grammar.

One of my favorite ‘issues’ happened when I was in school: As the teacher was handing the graded tests back to the class, he made it a point to let my class mate know that she lost points because she mentioned how a certain culture spoke the American language. I thought to myself that this was a slightly embarrassing mistake and I would never do that. I was wrong. The teacher pointed out that I mentioned the American language mistake, too. I apologized and said I was just being patriotic. You have to love the English language.

One more thing about celebrating National Grammar Day, according to, you can really celebrate with a drink called a Grammartini. They have a recipe for it. I’m sure after you have a few of the Grammartinis, your grammar will really improve. Just make sure that you ain’t drivin’ have a designated driver. Cheers to proper grammar.