Happy National Disc Jockey Day to ME…..And Richie & Bethany! (but mostly me)

Who knew! Thanks to National Day Calendar, now we all know that January 20th is National Disc Jockey Day!  Now don’t go rushing out to buy us all presents or breakfast, we do what we do cause we love it. Ok, you can bring us presents! Just kidding…a little! OK I'm not kidding I want so many presents.

Sean McMaster



In all seriousness, here is a little information I wanted to share to honor National Disc Jockey Day and show you all how the road was paved for us to entertain you every day!



Did you know that the first disc jockey was an experiment on the airwaves? In 1909, sixteen-year-old Ray Newby was a student under the supervision of Charles “Doc” Herrold at Herrold College of Engineering and Wireless. He played the first records over the airwaves before the word disc jockey even existed.
National Disc Jockey Day is celebrated in remembrance of the death of Albert James Freed. Freed, also known as Moondog, was an influential disc jockey in the 1950s. He is credited with introducing the term “rock ‘n’ roll” to the world.

What do you think we should do to celebrate our day? Who wants to take us to lunch!  Share and let us know what you think.