She was born in Douglas, Georgia in 1974. Jennifer Nettles, part of the duo of Sugarland is celebrating a birthday, today. Before Sugarland, she had a couple of other musical associations - Soul Miner's Daughter and Jennifer Nettles Band. Don’t forget about her hit with rock star Jon Bon Jovi, called “Who Says You Can’t Go Home.”

Another pre Sugarland fact, Jennifer studied Anthropology and Sociology at Agnes Scott College in Georgia, the town that she grew up in. In honor of her birthday, I’d thought I’d share with you Suagrland’s debut single “Baby girl.”

For those of you wondering about the three people in the video, Sugarland used to be a trio, with former member Kristen Hall, who left the group.

Today, I’d like to wish Jennifer Nettles a very happy birthday.