He was born in Coleman, Texas on June 1, 1953. Ronnie Dunn started his schooling in New Mexico. His formal education continued at Abilene Christian University, where he was a psychology major. He took up the bass guitar, while in college, and began to play and sing with bands in clubs near the college. His university gave him an ultimatum - either quit the band or the university. Luckily for us, he quit the university.

After that, he made a move to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to take a chance at the country music scene. ronnie stayed in the Tulsa area for awhile, and he played in local honky tonks including one called ‘Tulsa City Limits’, which is Brooks And Dunn featured in their ‘Boot Scootin’ Boogie’ video.

Before hooking up with Kix Brooks, and the formation of Brooks And Dunn, Ronnie actually recorded a couple of songs which were very minor hits. After Brooks And Dunn, Ronnie released his first big hit solo album, called ‘Cost Of Livin’. One of my favorite songs from the album is ‘Let The Cowboy Rock.’

Happy birthday to Ronnie Dunn.