Andrea told me about a fun deal from Hannaford last night that I wanted to share.Now, I have been told by my wife, that I am kind of a name brand snob.  What can I say, I know what I like and I don't want to switch.  Andrea tires to switch stuff up on me, but I can tell, even though she claims she tricks me and I don't notice.  So, last night, she told me she is going to give me a "main brand V. store brand" test.

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I was like, why would we do that? Her response was Hannaford wants us to!  So, after all that, here is the deal she told me about!

Through Saturday October 3rd, when you buy certain name brands, Like Kraft Mac & Cheese, you get a Hannaford brand of that item for FREE!  So, you can do your own taste test!

Check out the deals at Andrea's Coupon Club.  She even found some coupons to make this trip an even better deal!

Good luck, I will let you know how I do on our home test!