I'm contemplating making this a running blog - handy household tips.  What makes this quite ironic is that I am the polar opposite of handy.  The older I get, however, the more I personally would love to change that image (just don't tell my wife that I'm actually becoming interested in housework!)

According to an article in Reader's Digest, there are many things around the house that have multiple purposes, though few people know about them. Here's just one.  You know how much paper towels can cost you in the long run, right? It really creeps up on you.

Want an alternative?  According to what they say, you can use a coffee filter and get the same result.

I was skeptical at first, so I interrupted Casey Danton who was diligently preparing her newscast in the WGNA newsroom.  She was very quick to tell me that I was doing it wrong, as you will see (there is no audio here - it's kind of like a scene from the "Artist")

I guess the consensus of opinion is that it worked!  Now the question is - are they cheaper than paper towels?  I might have to ask our Coupon Lady about that!  Either way, thanks to Reader's Digest for the heads up!