Every year all geek eyes converge on E3. E3 is where all major video games for the next year are announced and we get our first glimpse at game footage. This year some BIG games were announced so in a special trip to the trailer park we take a look at some of the biggest.

"Halo" is one of the games that has helped Microsoft put the XBOX on the map. So no doubt there will be many children yelling up from their mom's basement for her to go get "Halo 4".

Ever since Nintendo introduced us to the Wii, Sony and Microsoft have been playing catch up on the whole get kids to exercise without them knowing it tip. Here is what I bet will be a huge title for the XBOX, "Kinect Star Wars"

For those of you like me that don't think they should mix my gaming with my workout, Here's the other big Star Wars title. "The Old Republic".