Have you ever been to Hadlock Pond in West Fort Ann, NY? It is about 1 mile long and a quarter mile wide. The Adirondack Mountains surround it and it is fun!

I grew up in West Fort Ann and all of my friends and relatives lived and most still live on Hadlock Pond, or "Hadlock" as the locals call it. I usually stop at my buddy's house when I'm back in the hood on a nice day. He has a party barge and we always jam a cooler or 2 full of soda and cheap beer for the afternoon and take a lap around the lake. I tell everyone I know that Ican't believe it takes 4 hours to do 1 lap around Hadlock. LOL!

Why so long? if you've got a party barge, you know why. We grew up with everyone, and between our friends and relatives on the lake whenever we are going by a camp they always wave us in for a quick visit. The rip is stop and go, stop and go, stop and go. I love it. Just about everyone has a lake that they spend a lot of time on with friends and family every Summer. What's your lake?