Google+ recently released "Google Glass" which allow users to share what they are actually seeing through specialized eye glasses. Cool enough? Try watching this video of four skydivers jumping out of a zeppelin, live, while using Google Hang Out through the glasses :



The article where we found this video (here) goes on to describe exactly what is included in these glasses:

"The current iteration of Glass hardware obviously has a camera and microphone capable of recording video and audio, and it also sports a touchpad for navigation along its right side (though that hasn’t really been a secret). To keep users abreast of their surroundings, it also packs gyroscope, accelerometers, and a handful of other sensors."

But how can all of this fit on a pair of eye glasses? Here is a picture of the glasses prototype:


The video is pretty cool- and after watching this, these glasses seem like they might be able to replace video cameras "in the future". What do you think about these?