I know, I know - bad news sells more papers and gets more "hits" than good news anyday.    I don't care.  What this guy did deserves top billing, and I'm giving it to him, darn it (at least on our "GNA site).  Do you really think this world is full of evil?  Read on, oh ye of little faith

This is all true.  According to a news story at WHDH TV in Kentucky, a person from a local town there walked into a Kmart - noticed that it was going out of business in a couple of days, purchased all of the remaining items in the store and gave it away to charity.

“This is the largest donation we've ever received," Clark County Community Services director Judy Crow said

According to the station's website, it was over $200,000 worth of stuff.  Here's the video below from one of my favorite Ipad news sites, appropriately called Newsy who took a clip from WLEX TV.    We stand up and salute this fine gentleman. Rankin Paynter.  Would you ever do something like this if you had the where-with-all?   I have to ask myself the same question.