It happens twice a year: here in the Capital Region as the seasons are changing people empty their homes to a field in Latham and the rest of us dive in, ready for a bargain!

Since I was just a tiny tot, I've been surrounded by flea markets, garage sales, baseball card shows, pawn shops, etc. I consider them my "home away from home." Whether my parents were setting up at one of these for extra money when I was growing up, or we were shopping at them, it just always felt right.

It should be no surprise then that I'm still obsessed with going to any of these when I spot them. It's a must. If anything, just for the hunt alone. You never know what you'll find.

That's why twice a year, I mark it on my calendar and plan the day in advance in preparing for my Guptills Flea Market experience. It happens typically around Mothers Day and my father's birthday. I realize this doesn't help you, but it helps me (happy almost birthday, dad!)

This past Saturday was the big day! My mom met me at my house around 8:30 a.m. and we headed to Latham. Bethany met us there and the hunting began.

The beauty really is never knowing what you're going to find. I don't go in with the mentality of "okay, I need this" though, there are things I need but I find if you go in searching for something specific you almost overlook the other stuff that could be perfect for you, too!

I think one of the cool parts of attending something like this is you can go in with minimal spending money, see so many different things, get amazing ideas for your home or otherwise and walk out of there like it was a real life treasure hunt and end up with so many cool things you didn't even expect. Happens for me all the time. Like the one time I walked away with about 25 cassette singles (yes, you read that right) from the '90s with so many favorite songs I grew up listening to for like $5! I love music stuff so, what a find!



I mean, who would've expected to find a xylophone? (NOTE: I did not buy this.)






Okay, so maybe you're wondering what I DID buy? Maybe you're not, either way you're about to find out my favorite purchase of the day. Not only something I love to find (Marissa fact: I have about five of these throughout my house) but I only paid $2...and it WORKS!