In order to write a decent town theme song you need decent information, and thanks to Kathy Burbank of the Guilderland Chamber Of Commerce, I got it.    Thanks, Kathy.  Now let's commence with yet another Your Town Thursday song

It's amazing how much Guilderland, NY has grown in the 30 years since I've lived in this area. Malls, housing developments, nano technology structures - it's truly a the suburban "vibe",  but still retains a certain rural charm as well.

These two photos definitely demonstrate that fact!

Their website is very complete and shows you a lot more of what this town has to offer.  The only thing they seem to be missing is a "jingle", so I thought I would help.  This is a parody of Joe Diffie's "Pickup Man"

Here we go, Guilderland.  Here's your song



Lyrics ©2012 Richie Phillips  All Rights Reserved

Let me tell ya bout a suburb truly got it all

Stuyvesant plaza and the crossgates mall where else can you find not one but two malls

Styvesant plaza for years has been around

Crossgates is bigger than my childhood town

If you wanna play golf well here you surely can

There's something for everyone in Guilderland


There's an old school bar that's there by the way

You've seen the sign for it. The Side Door Cafe


If you wear shorts and flip flops. Noone will care

In fact you might be the best dressed girl there

Robinsons Hardware for the handy man

Yea there's something people LOVE about Guilderland


If your jones in for a burger now they have five guys

And if your watching you figure. TCBY

YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT CREO that's some classy grub

And also the home of 3 country clubs


And. Nano tech behemoth that noone understands

Their makin little bitty things in GUILDERLAND


For playground or sports - 7 Town parks

With bands and concerts and movies after dark

There's one piece of land called the pine bush preserve

You'll get your butts arrested if it gets disturbed

A big library, that’s what’s planned

Better watch out for the cops in Guilderland

Would you like a song about YOUR town?  Leave it's name in the comment section.  You might be up next!