We have amassed ALMOST every poster from each  year the 'GNA has hosted Countryfest.  It's actually becoming a blur.  I've been to every single one, and I couldn't possibly name the artists from any given year, but let's see if YOU can with our little poster quiz

The year? 2008.  Headlining that year - the beautiful Trisha Yearwood. She was awesome.   A personal fav, keyboard whiz  Phil Vassar was also on the bill.  Now look at the blanked out face in the left square on the lower row.  Can you name him or her?  Let's just see how the brain cells are workin' today.   Who could it be?  Leave your answer in the poll section and I'll check your work later tonite (sorry- it's the teacher in me) .  Now in the meantime, have you gotten your tickets yet for Countryfest 2012? .  No excuses for you.  Get them NOW.  We'll see you this Saturday!

2008 Countryfest Poster