I'm sitting here next to my keyboard with pen in hand.  I'm ready, willing and able to start writing a song for Greenwich NY.It's the first stop on our fall Small Town Tour on Friday, October 5th. We're off to Greenwich, NY in Washington County.  We'll be doing the entire morning show from there thanks to our sponsor, Fidelis Care  (Location TBA)

from YouTube and Greenwich NY website

We're excited, but I don't want to come empty-handed.  I'd love to have a song to sing LIVE when we are there.  Please leave me some facts about the town, funny or otherwise.  You can name businesses if you want, funny quirks about the town ( the broken stop light, the favorite hangout)   You can leave your facts in the comment section ,and send me pictures to post. Thanks, folks.  Looking forward to hearing from you, and we can't wait to come there!