You always think that advanced video techniques and digital editing and computers are for the young.  Too old of techno? Heck no. I really love green screen effects.  It's not a new technology by a long shot.  You basically put this certain putrid shade of green behind you, and when videoing, it makes that color transparent.

Then you can put any video or still image that you want in there using software and you can have any background that you want in your shot.  It's used in everything from weather forecasts to commercials to Hollywood movies.

These senior citizens sure caught on quickly to the technique.  I'm not sure if they've totally grasped how to make it believable to the viewer that they are on a thrill ride, but nonetheless, here they are - Greenscreen Grandmas


More power to you, Greenscreen Grandmas.  I'm sure you'll be getting a call from Steven Spielberg very soon