Skiing was above average for this time of year - it was affordable and a short drive, plus lots of sunshine. I spent Monday afternoon up at Willard Mountain in Greenwich and I couldn't figure out a better way to spend an afternoon - especially after a big storm. The wind wasn't exactly a pleasure but it was far better than staying inside. I've been skiing for 35 years and never get tired of hitting the slopes after a big storm. I live near Willard and it's surprisingly inexpensive to ski there - and they even have night skiing too. A lot of people shy from skiing because of price but I'd suggest a ride up to Willard to ease that problem.

One of the best parts of hitting this particular slope is the night skiing. Once the Ski Clubs have left about 8, I have an hour with the mountain nearly to myself. I can get in 12-14 runs in that hour but could do more if the ski lift went faster.

My favorite places to hit the slopes are - Jiminy Peak, Bromley, West Mountain, and of course Willard.