85 enthusiastic campers and counselors.  That's what I found on my visit today on the Reading, Writing and Rhyming school tour.  (Yes, it continues in the summer too!)

I have to thank my old friend and radio compadre, Hilary Porter as well as Cynthia Elliott  for helping to arrange this appearance.  We went from idea to finished product in about an hour, and given the heat inside the school gym, that was quite an accomplishment, I have to say.

These kids LOVE camp, and so do the counselors.  In fact, we NAME each one of them in the song! (not the kids, the counselors - that would have been tough with 85 kids!)

Here we go!

photo by Richie Phillips
Hillside school lyrics summer camp

Thanks again to all!  If you'd like to hear other songs that have been done over the past couple of years, including anti-bullying songs and other "character education" related pieces,  you can check out the archives by clicking the button below