The last time we went to Nashville we had a chance to interview Rachele Lynae. I have to be honest I didn't know really anything about her and hadn't heard any of her songs at that point so it was a bit difficult to sat the least. I did however find her to be sweet and passionate about music, so I walked away from the encounter at least a little curious.

One thing I remember her saying when we talked was that she was pretty excited about a song she was about to release called, "Whole Lotta Nothin". She said it was a song "for the girls". She said you know how all the guys on country radio are singing about having a great time, letting it all go after a long week? Well, this new song was going to be the equivalent for the women out there.

Turns out she was right, I'm no girl but with the great rhythms in this song and the catchy lyrics I can imagine a whole lot of women and maybe even some guys rollin' down the windows this spring and singing along.

Let me know what you think?