Apparently GRANNY PANTIES are coming back, baby.

Thong sales have gone down 7% over the past year and the sales of more "full" types of women's underwear are up 17%.

Experts have three theories on why underwear trends are shifting to bigger options -

1.  They're more comfortable.

2.  They can be more flattering on some women . . . and by covering up areas you feel insecure about, they could actually make you feel sexier.

3.  They make a feminist statement.

I for one think that you need a variety of different styles of drawers in your drawers.  Some for when you're in the mood to be fancy, or sassy, or frumpy or, well, you know!

Plus there's the panty line issue!  You need to wear what looks good and feels good!  And sometimes that's just a big ole pair of briefs!

Photo by George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images