This  guy definitely impressed me on many levels.  His name is Granger Smith, and I give him 3 YEE YEE'S for his performance recently at the Upstate Concert Hall

I didn't think I was living under a rock when it comes to recent trends in country music, but apparently I was.   I honestly have never heard of him until the past month or so when I heard he was coming to the Capital Region.   He doesn't get any radio airplay yet that I know of,  but he's huge online.  He's very unique.  I can't think of any musical artist who has both a serious career  and comedic alter ego at the same time.

He "travels" with a character named Earl Dibbles Jr. He kinda sorta reminds me of a Larry The Cable Guy type, but even more "rednecky".

It's a very funny routine and in his stage shows Granger more or less is the opening act for his other personality.  Really clever concept, and the crowd ate it up at the Upstate Concert Hall.  His trademark mating call is "YEE YEE" btw, which the audience parroted back at every opportunity, and he sells merch like nobody's business.  In fact we met a woman who has a whole CLOSET full of his stuff.

Looking at him you would think he's an overnite sensation, but if you Google him, he's had albums released all the way back to 1998!.

Here's an example of Earl Dibbles for you and his hit  "Country Boy" -which I take as satire but then again, it might NOT be -- you be the judge!

Granger now has an official record deal (not Earl, but Granger)  and we'll be anxious to hear him on commercial radio soon, although -and this is a little painful to admit- he doesn't seem to need it!

(We did a video interview with him backstage which I will have a link to once it's produced).