Governor Cuomo has asked President Obama to declare certain parts of New York State “a major federal disaster.”  The formal request went in Wednesday on behalf of 26 counties who were hit hard by heavy rain and flooding last month.  If approved, these counties would receive federal aid to help with cleanup efforts.  There was $38 million in infrastructure damage and debris removal alla cross the state.  In addition, about 14 families lost their homes because they were destroyed.  Over 1,000 other homes suffered damage as well. 

Saratoga, Warren and Washington counties are just three of the counties included in Cuomo’s request, which of course, effects the Capital Region.  In Cuomo's announcement yesterday, he stated they he had asked counties an muncipalities to come up with a total of storm damage for their area.  He also stated that he feels the state would qualify for FEMA aid because we have met cost thresholds.


While we think the rain we have been having in Upstate, New York is gruesome, residents of the midwest states have it far worse, as you can imagine.  Joplin, Missouri just missed another tornado Tuesday and Wednesday. has all the information on storms hitting the country currently.  It's amazing that we think so much rain is putting a damper on our lives while these people will have to basically begin their lives and homes all over again.