Governor Cuomo signed a new bill Tuesday saying no more texting while driving.  The law is called the Distracted Drivers Law. The new bill will allow police officers to stop and ticket drivers they see texting on the road.  Originally, officers were only able to pull motorists over and issue a traffic violation for being distracted while driving.  Now, violators could see up to a $150 fine.



Cuomo stated,

“I am proud to sign this bill today, both as the Governor and as a father of three teenagers.  It’s plain and simple: distracted driving leads to tragedies that have affected families all across New York. This new law will help ensure that drivers keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel."

The law "includes composing, sending, reading, browsing, saving or retrieving electronic data such as email, text messages and web pages," state by the Times Union today.  Legislators signed the bill last month, but Cuomo also tweeked the bill by adding his own provision.  Be careful if you think you won't get caught in violation of this new law.  Cuomo administratively increased the penalty from two points for texting while driving to three points on a person's license.  He also increased the same amount points for a person quite not using a hands-free device while driving.

The new legislation does not punish anyone for using their GPS device, however.  How do you feel about the restriction on texting while driving or any hand held communication devices?  Do you feel like it's an infringment on your rights as an American or New Yorker or, do you feel it's a great promotion of roadway safety?