Katie Couric of the CBS Evening News is leaving when her contract expires in June.  Notice I said "of the CBS Evening News" in case you are under 21 have no clue what show she was on. That's not a knock against you guys.  You just come from a different era.  You are getting your news from other sources.  It's not that you are uninformed.  You're just getting the breaking news in other ways.  Actually so am I.  I am referencing an article that I got on my computer, so who am I to talk?

You don't have to necessarily feel sorry for her, by the way.  She has more offers on the table than you than Charlie Sheen--ahhhh  USED to have!

She has offers , according to USAToday.com , from NBC, CBS and Warner Brothers.  Looks like she might end up with a syndicated talk show, and I wish her luck.

What was upsetting about this article was the last line, however;

...her $15 million-a-year contract  will be the last big deal of that kind ever done, according to CBS Chief Leslie Moonves.

And that to me is disturbing.  Because it shows that the days of the old great news anchor are numbered.  There are no more Uncle Walter Cronkites, Dan Rathers and  he like  for your  generation.   My God-we used to all gather around the TV and become glued to whatever these guys said to us.  They were the news authorities, and you took whatever they said as pretty much gospel.  Now everyone watches the Colbert Report or Politically Incorrect instead for their information.

Yes, it's good in a way that we have more news options and more points of view to pick from (unless you count Fox News--ha ha).  But I just wish we had a couple of news icons that we can always trust to give us the real story, and I don't think we're going to see that again for a long time.

But regardless, good luck Katie.  And to you "under-21ers", please try to stay informed, no matter HOW you get your news.  (Of course, you're not reading this anyway--you're playing World of Warcraft --LOL)