I'm starting a new feature here on WGNA.com.  I want to begin featuring trends and inventions that only a millennial - a person born between 1982-2004, would truly understand and love.  Or not.  I'll let you guys decide.

Ok, I'm trying very hard to comprehend this, millennials.  According to an article at the Couriermail.com, there is a new invention that has come to golf that is aimed to lure YOU folk.  It's called Golfboarding.  Get this - You go to the course, play your hole and then jump on a motorized skateboard  instead of in an "old school" cart.  Don't believe me?

Ok, you've seen the invention.  This company seems to think they know you guys well enough that it will get you to enjoy golf more.  Will it?   Leave your comments below.  Would love to know!

photos by Getty Images