Lately, I've been a man on a mission-to convert everyone to country music.  I'm proud of WGNA.  Thankfully, we have a ton of listeners from all walks of life.  But you can never have too many.  


So I started with my next door neighbors-Peter Gigante, his wife Gretchen, and their two kids, Lilly and Rocco. Peter is originally from Staten Island. I had a conversation with him when they first moved in, and he explicitly told me that he never listened to country music, being from the "city" . Every once in awhile I hint to him that he should give it a try.  I don't think I've ever pressured or threatened him or his family in any way.  Apparently they see it differently.  Take a listen:





As you heard, even his cute kids, Lilly and Rocco are avid Kenny Chesney fans.They know  more song titles than I do, which is more than embarrassing to me.  (you may think that this recording was a set-up, by the way, but I didn't put one word into their mouths!)  I don't think I can really take any credit here.  Maybe I gave them subtle hints once in awhile, but you should spread the word to others who always say that they don't like that "twangy" stuff.  It certainly will grow on you in no time.  (I'm trying to find junior size cowboy hats for the kids here.  They are the future, ladies and gentlemen!  (and I heard Rocco knows how to play piano!- I'm in big trouble!)






Do you want to convert someone to country music?  Let me know in the comment section.  I can get that done for you.  (I gotta guy- he's from Staten Island)